Could Travel Make Your Rewards Programme Come Alive?

travel for rewards programme

Often, we think of travel as something that we either do for business purposes, or for our own leisure, when we go on holiday, for example.

However, travel can also be extremely effective as a motivational tool and a means of improving employee engagement.

It can do this if you make it part of your rewards programme.


Happiness at Work

Increasingly, competing for talent, and then retaining it, relies on more than being able to offer an attractive salary and benefits.

Nowadays, many people look at employment from a value-led perspective. When it comes to the work-life balance, they understand that because they spend such a high proportion of time in the workplace, they want to feel as comfortable and happy as there as possible.


Working in an unfavourable, tough or just plain boring environment is not justifiable to people simply on the basis of what they will get paid each month for turning up and doing their job.  It’s not about work experience but work as experience


More businesses are becoming aware of this, and more are offering rewards to their staff.  Therefore, what can you do to differentiate your rewards programme and make it as attractive as possible to employees?

One solution lies in travel and in destination management.


Why the Destination Matters

As a reward, travel is highly attractive, but its success hinges on ensuring the destination matches the objective.

Offering employees an unforgettable experience means offering them a form of reward that has a powerful legacy.


Travel and being transported to somewhere different can help alter someone’s perspective, and in this sense, travel as a reward has the potential to help form lasting bonds with employees


Travel provides a means for organisations and businesses to reinforce and reiterate their brand values, by demonstrating how much they value their employees.

Ultimately, destination management uses travel as the delivery mechanism to create memorable experiences in line with strategies for employee engagement and talent recruitment and retention.

Travel has the potential to become a unique selling proposition (USP) for value-led companies looking to differentiate themselves in what is increasingly a buyer’s market.

How valuable could travel be for your business?

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