How Could You Strengthen Remote Engagement Through Lockdown?

team engagement during lockdown

As we journey through varying tier levels and lockdown, many UK business may be feeling like they are forever taking one step forward and two back.

In addition, with furlough being extended until March 2021, many employees once again find themselves working from home or not working at all. In part, this could lead to disengagement.

To overcome the lack of social interaction, All Points North have compiled a number of Alternative Christmas Experiences for your teams.

These include:

  • Festive escape rooms
  • Virtual bingo
  • Quiz shows
  • Murder mysteries
  • Caricature portraits
  • Cocktail making and alcohol tasting.


While these activities may be a world away from the day to day office environment, we believe that they are key to engaging employees.

We can apply the same principles to keeping our teams involved throughout lockdown.


Creating a Sense of Community

Without a physical space to congregate, there is more onus on employers to create that ‘team’ effect.

We can achieve this with regular communication, and employing a ‘door always open’ approach for anybody who feels he or she may be struggling.


Fostering a Culture of Communication

Just like we need to talk to one another during an escape room, we need to stay in touch throughout lockdown.

On top of these regular catch-ups, we should revise not only what we say, but how we say it.

Tone can be hard to infer over emails, while Zoom calls can make us miss vital social cues. Try to back up anything you say over Zoom calls with a clearly written email.

It is important to be open to different communication styles, and to think twice before reacting badly to a colleague. Could the tone have been misconstrued?


A Little Healthy Competition

Activities of a competitive nature have long been the foundation of many team building exercises. And for good reason: they help to strengthen bonds and improve communication.

Teams come together to meet a common goal, fuelled by their desire to beat their opponents.

Try to encourage competition beyond the Christmas party.  You will reach your goals faster and motivate teams.


The Chance to Promote Others

Escape rooms and murder mysteries may give others the chance to hold a ‘higher position’, for example, team leader or project manager. Just as we should enjoy giving team members this responsibility in social settings, we should in lockdown, too.

With remote working, your teams may feel like they’re not eligible for promotion, which may discourage career progression. Remind them that there is always time for development, and give them regular feedback.

Lockdown may be temporary, but workplace engagement is forever.

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