How Can Incentive Travel Improve Your Teams?

incentive travel

One of the main pillars of efficient working and boosting productivity is the team. Therefore, team-building is an essential business activity.

What can support an organisation or business in shaping its teams to ensure maximum effectiveness?  One mechanism that can help deliver team-building programmes is incentive travel.


What is Incentive Travel?

Incentive travel is business-related, but it is designed to motivate employees and help drive them towards meeting certain objectives.

It recognises achievements but, importantly, it can be as much about future development as consolidation.


Two of the main objectives of team-building are to improve motivation and productivity, making it an ideal match for incentive travel


The team-building travel experience works to help remove barriers, encourage creativity and develop inter-personal skills including leadership and collaborating effectively.

By taking people out of their normal surroundings, you can help change their perspective and leave them more open to new ideas.

The destination can help define the whole tone of the team-building programme.

Travelling and visiting new and unfamiliar places can be inspiring, and by giving employees this kind of experience, you can unlock hidden potential, boost morale and help them form good workplace relationships.


Why does the Experience Work?

The experience should work in tandem with the objective.  How does this happen?

The travel incentive experience is bespoke to specific goals, so the destination must provide the appropriate environment to ensure this happens. This means it will vary according to the nature of the team-building programme.


What the right destination has the potential to do is to transform the team-building programme into something truly exceptional and memorable


Team-building travel destinations work in several different ways. They can be the setting for team-building activities involving adventure and outdoor experiences, such as trekking or hiking.

Alternatively, by simply placing people in a totally new environment, this can become the ideal foundation upon which you can deliver an ideal structured programme of team-building exercises.

The destination can define the whole tone of the team-building experience, supporting its success.

Enlisting specialist advice and support for incentive travel will also ensure that the destination and the experience fit in with your overall brand values.

It is vital that, although you are taking people out of the office or work environment, they still retain a sense of your organisation’s values.  And how they are driving the experience.

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