COVID-19 Update – July 2020

COVID 19 ease lockdown

In line with government guidance, we are now advising all of our clients and contacts on the new rules which came into effect for the hospitality industry from 4 July 2020.

As of this date, all businesses in England may open, save for the following (in the hospitality/leisure and tourism sector):

  • Nightclubs
  • Casinos
  • Bowling alleys
  • Indoor skating rinks
  • Spas
  • Indoor gyms/sports venues/fitness studios
  • Swimming pools and water parks
  • Exhibition/conference centres (closed for events).

This means that hotels and other accommodation, restaurants, cinemas, theme parks, museums and outdoor areas are open from Saturday 4th July.

As there are variations for Scotland and Wales, discover more about the lockdown rules in each part of the UK, here.


Please take note of the new measures

We would like to advise all of our customers that this does not mean an immediate return to business as usual.

Many of our suppliers may need additional time to reopen their facilities in line with the new health and safety recommendations, including enforcing a 1-metre social distancing rule.

We will work hard to maintain communications with all of our suppliers to ascertain their confirmed opening dates and their own individual safety measures.

Broadly, we can expect the following changes in the hospitality industry.


General health and safety for visitors

  • Reduced visitor numbers for key attractions to maintain 1m social distancing
  • Timed ticketing or phased entry to reduce crowding in event venues and in/outdoor attractions
  • New signage around doorways and potential one-way systems
  • Changes to entry and exit, including staff guidance, barriers and adjustments to car parks
  • More hand sanitiser and handwashing facilities
  • Staggered opening hours to accommodate multiple businesses in one area
  • Stricter guidelines on washrooms
  • Fewer opportunities to pass around objects by hand
  • Restricted services e.g. outdoor fitness centres cannot offer indoor sports.



  • Facilities with en suite showering or one designated shower facility per guest room will be open (no shared bathrooms) – only the same households or support bubbles can share a washroom
  • Elevator use may be restricted, with signage in place
  • Reception staff numbers may be reduced
  • New provisions for room service will apply e.g. dropping off trays outside the door
  • Guests will be encouraged to wear masks in communal corridors
  • Spas and saunas will be closed until further notice from the government
  • Restaurants must operate based on government guidelines (below)
  • In accommodation with communal areas e.g. hostel food preparation areas or campsite showers, these services may be significantly reduced.



  • Restaurant managers are being asked to keep a temporary record of customers for 21 days to facilitate the NHS’ ‘Track and Trace’ service
  • Indoor gatherings are restricted to two households or support bubbles
  • Outdoor gatherings are restricted to two households or support bubbles OR a group of no more than six people from different households
  • Live performances cannot take place in front of a live audience – gatherings of more than 30 people are illegal
  • Restaurants may need to consider other eateries in the area to avoid local crowding, as above – this may result in lower capacity, one-way travel between venues or staggered entry times
  • Furniture will be arranged to accommodate 2m social distancing indoors and outdoors
  • Queueing may be moved outdoors, while parking facilities may change
  • Staff may direct customers in queues, and to any social distancing measures and handwashing facilities
  • Customer self-service will be minimised and condiments will be disposable
  • Minimising contact with cardless payments, screens and counters
  • Reducing crowding, for example congregations in bar areas
  • More signage and guidelines for washrooms.


You can find more detailed government guidance at the following websites:


If you have any questions, please contact us.

Please note, due to the large number of enquiries we expect to receive, this is the best way of contacting us and it may take extra time to respond.


Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. We look forward to resuming as normal and offering you the same world-class service once again.

Stay safe,

The All Points North Team.

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