We offer a uniquely bespoke service at every stage of your experience

We Are Not Just Another Event Management Company

We are an evolutionary step above conventional event managers or travel agents. We combine the key qualities of both, but in a tailored service that will align your objectives precisely with your event and your destination.

We have a diverse client list, which we keep adding to, and we’re partnered with hand-picked suppliers throughout the UK.

We offer a uniquely bespoke service at every stage of your experience, before and during and after it. We can find the perfect hotel, the chauffeur service that will go the extra mile and the unique eatery that will amaze your guests.


What is a DMC?

A destination management company, or DMC, is there to supply expert planning, designing and organisation of visits and events to specific destinations. We draw on local knowledge and expertise, and provide essential resources to ensure that our clients’ aspirations are fully met, exceeding their expectations in the process.

We can guarantee the quality of your event and your destination. We take the hassle out of planning and organisation, because we do it all for you.

This means we’ll look after group and individual travel arrangements; make sure delegates and visitors get to where they need to be; and organise the key activities, entertainment and contacts you require.

How we do it


It’s your event so let’s keep it that way. Rather than just giving you a product you can get anywhere, we’ll take your essential requirements and build around them to compliment your ideas rather than simply presenting you with an off the shelf package.


Planning a trip can be complicated, and with years of experience of doing just that for our clients we know how sometimes things don’t always go to plan. That’s why we’ll work with you to iron out any problems before you leave home.


Because our service is bespoke we’ll give you the product you want, with the added ingredient of vital local knowledge. We believe by building your plans from the ground up so that you’ll get the most out of your time with us.