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No this is not a review of the film/movie of same name starring Steve Martin. This is much more 21st century: “Personal Service or the Internet”

So many people these days automatically turn to the internet to book their flight or train tickets. The airlines and train companies actively promote it and it may indeed work fine for a personal booking but what if there was a group of you – 10 or 20 or 50 or more would you sit there for hours booking on line? In fact is it indeed efficient? In the “old days” (not so long ago before the on-line bookings took over) we would contact a travel agency even for our individual travel and what we got first and foremost was a personal service – I know I did from our travel agency at the time. The argument for doing it all online is that it is cheaper but can you talk to anyone when you have a problem? It is all online chat and with a picture on the website of this imaginary Jane or George who are standing by ready to help but by the time they are ready to help the website has timed out and you need to start again. Hardly efficient in this time poor age we live in.


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